Importance of the Resurrection

Hey guys!! Just as I promised last week! If you have no idea what I’m talking about I recommend reading last weeks post.

The story of the resurrection is so important to the Christian faith. Sin entered  early into the world in the third chapter of Genesis. Sin has been relevant since the beginning, and God sent His one and only son to conquer sin. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and then was brought back to life and sin was now broken. God fulfilled His promise by sending someone for us to save us from sin and death. We have been promised that He will come back to His people.  However, before Jesus comes again, we are given clear instructions to make disciples to grow His kingdom. 

     There is a lot of scripture on the resurrection, from different accounts to the importance of the crucifixion. Some of the most important pieces of scripture on the resurrection are out of Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20-21, 1 Corinthians 15. Matthew 28 is one of the most important chapters dealing with the resurrection of Jesus. There is the account of when Mary Magdalene and Mary went to see the tomb, but the stone was rolled away. Matthew 28 tells of how two angels appeared to them and told them that they should not be afraid for Jesus was brought back to life as He said. Later in the chapter, it talks about the teaching Jesus gave to His now eleven disciples, the Great Commission. He instructed them to make more disciples and to teach them and baptize them.This chapter carries a lot of importance. 

    Another chapter in the Bible that carries a lot of importance is Luke 24. This is because it once again tells the story of Mary Magdalene and Mary in the tomb, but it also tells the story of the road to Emmaus that is not mentioned in Matthew 28. This story is of two people walking  Emmaus, Cleopas and another disciple of Jesus. They were talking about how disappointed they were that Jesus was supposed to redeem Israel, and they didn’t lose all their hope, they still had some. However they were still sad because they were expecting to be restored. While on this walk Jesus approached them and asked them why they were sad.  They began to explain the situation, not realizing that it was Jesus. Jesus began to explain to these men that this is what Jewish scripture was pointing to all along. They later sat down for a meal with Jesus, He blessed the bread and broke it. To use the imagery of the broken body, it was the same as He did during the last supper. Once they received the broken bread, that is when they realized that the man they were with was Jesus. But as soon as they realized who He was, Jesus disappeared. 

Jesus had another meal with all of His disciples once again at the end of chapter 24. His disciples were amazed, since by eating He showed He was still human. Jesus then tells His disciples that they have the same divine power that Jesus has and tells them to go share the good news with others. The chapter ends with Jesus being taken back to Heaven. Jesus is being shown as being enthroned by the divine King of the whole world. This then leads to Acts, where it explains the Ascension of Jesus leads to a new kingdom, as stated in Acts 1:1-2.

    The final chapter that has importance to the resurrection is 1 Corinthians 15. Paul mentions in the writing that this is the most important of all of his stories. Paul explains to us that the resurrection is needed for the Gospel to all add up. There are a number of accounts throughout the Bible, about how He was seen after the crucifixion, alive. If the resurrection did not happen Jesus is dead and His claims are not valid. His preaching and teachings are useless. Our sins are not forgiven, death is undefeated and the life of a Christian is sad and unless. However, we have stories and hope that Jesus did rise from the dead as it says in verse 20.  Paul continues to tell us that we have a victory because God sent his son for us and we can now stand firm and do  the work of God.

    The resurrection has a lot of importance in the Christian life. It gives us Christians power and a promise. We are given the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.  Jesus is alive and He gave us freedom.  We are no longer held back by sin and darkness, since He conquered death. We are now able to be forgiven from the sins and darkness of the past. It is through the love of God that we are able to have this. As it stated in Matthew 28, “I am with you always till the end of the age.”  We are promised that He will be with us forever, and that one day He will come back for us. This is something that should give all Christians hope.

    The resurrection gets me excited, because I know one day Jesus is coming back for His believers. That is such an amazing thing to know, and knowing that I am one of His children is awesome. Also, just the power that made the resurrection possible is amazing. 

Jesus tells us that we have the same power. I love that because when I go out and share the Gospel I am given the same power Jesus had. Knowing that, I go out into the world with a much larger confidence, knowing He has my back. There have been a number of times when I pray with others or try to share the Gospel and it backfires. However, I look at it in a way, that I am planting a seed in their heart, that one day might develop into a flower, or it will stay a seed. But always knowing that Jesus has a plan and is in control.

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