God Given Gifts

Hey guys, happy Thursday I hope everyone is doing well! This week has been crazy fast, today we are going to be talking God given gifts. I’m going to be talking about mine, and how I feel like God has used them. I took a test on what my spiritual gifts were and reflected on each one. I recommend you do the same thing after this post.

I feel as God gives every one of His children different abilities, and strengths in order to glorify Him, and extend the kingdom. For me, I feel like God has gifted me with the gifts of Mercy, and Serving. I am a very merciful person, I am quick to forgive no matter what wrong was done to me. I have been this way for my whole life , I am very understanding when it comes to someone doing wrong. The other gift God has given me is serving. I feel as if God has gifted me with a servant’s heart. I love caring for others, and putting others’ needs before my own. I feel like these gifts work well together. I have been able to see these gifts glorify God, and extend His kingdom. 

I have been on a number of mission trips where I was given the opportunity to serve others, and pray with them for them to say yes to Jesus, which is priceless. I also have been able to show people mercy. A lot of people ask me why I am so quick to forgive others who have wronged me, but generally I reply with the idea that Jesus forgives me for all my sins and the times I wrong Him, so I have an obligation to forgive others. 

It is really quite incredible to think back on different times when I have either had a conversation with someone I know and them asking me why I am so forgiving, or times on missions trips where I just talk to people, who tell me where they sin and mess up. I love talking to people when they tell me how they have messed up, and still showing them love. A lot of people just don’t understand how I can love someone who has messed up so much. It is a gift I know that God gave me, because God has granted me a lot of opportunities to share how God forgives them Because of how forgiving I am to others.

Go look and see what yours are:)

Thanks for popping in,


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