Single Lady and Lads + Everyone Else!

Hey! If you guys read my last post, how did everyone do trying not to bottle everything up? I challenged myself as well! It was quite difficult especially since we are still dealing with COVID!

But today we are going to be talking about dating and relationships! This is very important; I know a lot of my readers are around my age. I was thinking about it, and thinking about the different relationships around me.

All my friends and their boyfriends are so different. Or I have many single friends.

Today, we are going to be talking about my single ladies, or lads!
If this doesn’t pertain to you, keep reading – I hope to share some knowledge!

For me, singleness is a time for us to get in a deeper relationship with God!
Wait! Hold on! I would consider myself single in a way. I know I have a boyfriend, but I’m not married. I’m not in this relationship forever. I still have time to better my relationship with God alone, but I also have a friend of the opposite gender to help.

I think singleness is very important! We can also better ourselves and learn to love ourselves.

It is scary to think that some people try to get in a relationship so that others love them before they can even love themselves. I think it’s important to love yourself before you love anyone else.

So I challenge every single person, or even if you are dating someone, to deepen your relationship with Jesus.
Those who are married, grow with your spouse in the Lord.
Those of you married with kids, grow with your spouse and your children!

Check back next week to see how to this has played out in my life! It will be story time!

With love,


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