Putting your Faith in Jesus

Hello Readers! I’m so happy you decided to hop on the blog. When I first approached Raegan about joining the blog, there was a topic I had in mind that I was particularly passionate about. I wasn’t able to make it my first post because I was waiting on some final details to come into place.

I was sent home from school because of the Coronavirus the second weekend of March. I wasn’t 100% thrilled to be doing classes online for the rest of the semester, but I understand the school had the safety of their students in mind. To make a long story very short, I didn’t have the best high school experience. So when I came home from school on the weekends or holidays, it seemed to me as I was stepping back in time and reliving those moments that weren’t pleasant. Almost as if I drove into this dark gray bubble around town.

I had approached my mom one night about these feelings and asked if I could maybe change my room around. Turn my high school looking bedroom into something a little more mature. So instead of hanging up pictures of friends, hang artwork instead. I really wanted to paint my walls a different color. My dad has always been persistent on the walls being the color white. I knew that repainting my room would be a hard sell for my dad, but luckily he agreed. So I settled on a light blue. I repainted, changed the layout of my room, and add decorations.

As this whole process was taking place, I noticed that this whole process kind of compared to the process of putting your trust in Jesus. Before I repainted, the walls had holes made from nails and dents from furniture bumping into it. There were scrap marks on the walls and to be honest, it looked awful. As we filled the holes with spackling and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, I realized that that’s what God does when we put our faith in him for the first time. As our life before Christ is like an old worn out room and when we accept Jesus into our lives, he fills in the holes and dents, washes us with a new coat of paint. Just as I redecorated my walls with artwork and put the furniture back in my room, we grow the fruits of the spirit in our hearts.

Putting our faith and trust in Jesus means a whole lot. Jesus washes our sins away and helps us become more like him. After we finished putting my room back together, we did find some holes that didn’t get filled in and some dents that were too big to ignore. But life with Jesus is kind of like that. Yes, we are forgiving and our sins are wiped clean, but there are some things that we will never forget. They are there as a reminder that God is miraculous and wonderful.

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee

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