Need Strength? Tap here

Hey guys, happy Thursday!
Hope you all are having a great time during this coronavirus craziness! It’s crazy to see each and every business slowly shutting down! Can’t believe it’s all happening during my senior year!
I also wanted to let you guys know that there are some big things happening on my end. I’m coming up with a 15 day devotional and 365 Bible verses for each day of the year :). Be sure to keep a lookout for those!
Today we’re gonna be talking about 1 Timothy 1:12 – “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.”

This verse is so cool to think about because recently I’ve been thinking about this past summer and how much work I did and how busy I was. I was wondering really how I was able to do all of it! Well I realized it was all just because of God; He gave me so much strenth throughout each week of my summer! And He’s also been giving me a lot of strength through this craziness with everything shutting down!
For those of you who do not know, my surgery is planned for March 30 and with this virus there is the possibility at the hospital could be closed. I’m really praying that it’s not because I’ve been going through this for so long and I don’t really want to wait much longer, but you know it’s all in God’s plan. But God is giving me the strength to be able to wake up each morning ready for this surgery. Its really cool to see the daily strength given from Him to me :))

Remember this, that God gives you strength in the things He appoints us to do:)

Thanks for popping in,

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