Me Time?

Hey guys, happy Thursday!
I hope your having a blessed week. I know I am. The weather is finally warming up and today I was praying about what I should talk about. I couldn’t come up with a topic until I was heading off to the job. It’s about finding peace in the busyness of life to find time for God.
I don’t know how many can relate with me, but I love being busy. I like to have something to do every hour. And I like staying on my toes and staying busy. This has caused some problems in the past in that I’m not being able to find time for God. This semester has been better in finding time for Him because I do it right after I get home from school. I’m really able to find peace and able to read my Bible daily. It’s been crazy to see the difference reading my Bible has been to help me every day and everything I read has a little bit of an impact of living.
So like I said last week I was struggling to choose what college to go to I was still thinking about it actually yesterday. and in the book I was reading it talked about getting involved in a Christian community.
That really hit home. Because that is something I wouldn’t have at the one college I want to go to. It was really cool to see God just speaking through my book to me.
Honestly, it makes such a difference in my day if I spend some time with Him praying or reading my Bible. I hope you all can try and find some time this week to spend time with Him and just keep digging into the Word and pray with Him.
Thanks for poppin in,

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