Pray for Grandpa Ed

Hey Guys! I know it’s not my typical post day, but I really just want to share with you guys the craziness that’s been going on in my life. On Wednesday my grandpa had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. I was really scared because I haven’t had somebody so close to me be in such great danger in for their life. My grandpa and grandma are strong in their faith, and they have a huge support team in prayer. Immediately people were praying for him. On Thursday my mom sent me this.

“They are taking him off this machine today to see if his heart can work on its own.
Several doctors have come by to tell him he is a miracle. He flat lined, and they couldn’t get the artery to clear, so they called in another doctor. He said try pushing from top and bottom to clear the blocked artery. They said he regained consciousness after and started asking when they would be done, he wanted to get going. They were like, “Dude, you just died and by some miracle, we cleared your artery and now you want us to hurry up. “. They were laughing.”
My grandpa has been very antsy and wanting to get up, that’s just his personality. It was great to hear that he was a miracle.
It was crazy to get this text from my mom . I was all over the place with my emotions, but during it all, I was at peace with God.
Yesterday, they tried to take him off the machine that was pumping his heart. That didn’t go as planned.
Quickly we were all praying for another miracle. God granted us another miracle! Grandpa was able to come off the heart machine today:) and they are moving him out of the ICU tomorrow if he continues to do well:)

However, he still has a way to go. Praying for more miracles but thankful for the ones that have happened already. He is not out of the ICU yet. Definitely, the surgery was a miracle, but he is still struggling on his own. His heart is going to need more procedures. He still has a ways to go.

I just want to ask all of you if you can just keep him in your prayers.

Thanks for poppin in this random day,

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