Hip update:)

 Hey guys it’s me, Raegan! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day. Today I’m just going to give you a little life update from my whole hip situation. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I recommend you go check my old post from last week. It gives you an update on what was going on.

I flew out to Minneapolis got to see my family which was a ton of fun! It was a great opportunity to see another doctor and try to get my hip all figured out. It was a very eventful week. I got to go to the Mall of America, which was incredible! I’m a huge shopper, but I didn’t go shopping while I was there. I looked at the amusement area, which made me so happy! It was all cartoons from my childhood. For those of you who are wondering what those cartoons would be it would be WonderPets, The Backyardigans and so many more.It was just so exciting to see that because that’s what I grew up on. However, I was in a wheelchair at the Mall of America, which was very funny.

I am so grateful for Dr. Andy. He worked on my hip for about six hours trying to get it all adjusted and feeling better. The sad news about it though is it could take up to a month for me to show the progress that he made. My MRI has now been pushed back another month, so we won’t know if I need surgery or not till then. We’re seeing where this doctor takes us. And like I said earlier this week, God is just trying to teach me patience. Yesterday I met up with someone and we talked about that and how God is teaching me things the hard way. He is teaching me things in the hardest way possible with lots of struggling, lots of pain, and a lot of confusion. But it hasn’t made me turn from Him at all. It actually is making me more and more grateful for Him because He is trying to teach me something; the easy way isn’t the only way. It’s actually kind of humbling to know that God wants me to learn in a way that isn’t the simplest way possible. I pray for all of you as you’re going through things to just remember that God might not be teaching it to you in the easiest way possible. It might be difficult but it’s OK because you’re going to grow from it and it’s going to make you a different person. And that is what I am learning from my hip!

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