Hey guys! How did being intentional go this week? I did my best to be intentional I’ve been giving these kids rides to school. And I try to casually bring up God. We have had some great conversations this past week! but for those of you who do this is your first time viewing my blog. Welcome and last week we talked about being intentional and using God-talk. So that’s why I was asking that question. But today we are going to talk about something I know I struggle with. I’ll give you a hint… It is a fruit of the spirit… No not love, not joy, not peace. But PATIENCE!

If you are looking at the book Galatians your version might say forbearance, but those words are interchangeable’ Don’t worry I recently learned that.

I know this is more of a children’s idea, like waiting for mom to be done grocery shopping, or waiting patiently for Christmas. But it’s something we can all improve on being patient. For me, it is being patient about waiting to see my best friend again since hey live 108 miles away! 

But, we all want things and we typically ask God for it right? Well, let’s look at Psalm 40:1

I waited patiently for the Lord;

    he turned to me and heard my cry.

I love this verse. Because it reminds us that God does hear us. And He will turn to us and hear our cry and no matter what it was or what it said were asking for Him. He’ll answer us, but we have to wait patiently for Him. However sometimes He might turn and not give you the answer you want, but He has a plan for it and it’s on His time. God has everything planned and scheduled out for us. But It is on his time and not our own time. Look at what Jeremiah 29:11 says!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I know I’ve talked about this before. But it’s related to this. Just talking about God turning to us. But we have to remember it’s on His time and be patient for whatever he has in store. I love that. Another thing is we should wait cheerfully and patiently for God! 

For me as well that is going to be this week’s challenge to be patient and remember I’m on God’s time, not my own.

Have a blessed day,


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