Clatskanie, Oregon

Welcome back, so glad you could join us. For those of you just dropping by, my name is, Raegan. I wanted to welcome you to my blog. This week, we’re talking about my experiences this summer. But for those of you who don’t know, I was in the states of Washington and Oregon for a month.

While I was out there, I got to stay in four different host homes. But today, we’re going to talk about my first Camp, which was in Clatskanie, Oregon

My first host home was with Pam and Larry, or who I like to call mom and dad. This was amazing, because they made me feel as if I was at home. It was very fun calling them mom and dad. They had a family who live down the street. Pam had a daughter, Sara. Pam’s family was incredible! From Pam and Larry, to Sara and family, I grew so close with that family. It was unreal! I also met my best friend, Grace, and my “nephew,” Jack. 

This camps hospitality was unreal. For those of you who don’t know, I have quite a few random food allergies. But they made sure that I was able to eat every meal. 

This was amazing! I never thought anybody would be able to allow me to eat every meal… and everything in the meal. I loved it so much! I also got to meet Kyla´s family, Kyla had a younger son and two girls. Crazy enough one of their names was Reagan. The other one was Holland.  These girls were connected to my hip and I loved it! 

We had a few days to settle into our families. I settled in awfully quick, and grew in relationship with these families very quickly. 

I loved it! Before I knew it, it was time for Camp, I was ready and I was well fed and had slept well. We had our first camp, and I was nervous not knowing what was going on, but strangely, it went really well. The whole week flew by. 

My team was as crazy as you get. Luckily, we all loved each other, and there were no fights, but we had a ton of energy. The image is a picture of my team, and if you can’t tell from the picture, we were a bunch of goobers! We had one of the biggest teams in the youngster group!

With my group, I was able to share about the story of Jonah to these kids. ( I will talk to you guys about this later, once I finish talking about my whole trip.) I was even able to share the gospel with these children, This was insane because you could just watch the impact throughout the week. A few of my kids decided to give their lives to Christ this week. It was so cool to watch their reaction, when their face lit up, after they finished praying. Everything was incredible, especially to watch the kingdom grow within the first week, I was so excited for more.  

Next week, I’m going to have some awesome stories for you guys that give me chills thinking about. So make sure to check in.

Pam and family don’t know this but they made a huge impact on my life. Their love for me with unreal. I never expected a family I knew for a week could love me so much. And they still love me. As Grace said best, “DIstance means so little when someone means so much!” 

I talk to them all the time and I’m so grateful for them and everything that they are doing!  Anyone who meets any of the people I met are lucky, because these people are incredible!

Thanks for checking in to learn all about WEEK NUMBER TWO!


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