How an Orange Led to a Salvation Conversation

Welcome back, I’m finally back from my trip! I am going to tell you guys about it!!

The last month I was able to experience something out with expecting. I got to play soccer, teach kids about Jesus and learn more about myself. One of my camps we had a huge portion of foster kids. I am going to tell you about my buddy Oliver!

Oliver was a kid who struggled a lot with anger and with focusing throughout the day. Oliver would get angry over the smallest things. One time someone ate the orange he found. He was broken hearted that it was gone! So I found him an orange that was cut up and just told him “That one of the coaches did surgery on his orange.” This helped me and Oliver connect since he found this very funny.

Oliver was known for running away from whatever we might be doing. Typically once Oliver ran no one could get him to come back. One time when Oliver ran away I decided I was going to follow him. I’m not a runner, so I just walked over. This probably helped because he just sat down and didn’t continue to run. We began to talk about Mr.Orange. It cracked him up and he told me he wanted to pray to have a relationship with God, but he was scared. He was scared his body couldn’t handle it. This was because when he gets upset he begins to hit and just get very frustrated. I told him he could handle it, he just needed to believe in himself. So, he told me he was going to pray. We prayed together and right after he said,”Amen” he looked at me with tears in his eyes. I said, “I love you Oliver and I’m so proud of you” He said “ I love you so much! Thank you!” And gave me a hug that knocked me down to the ground. From that moment on he was such a great listener when I would say, “Oliver I love you, will you do…” The words “I love you” meant the world to him and he would listen. You could see the difference throughout the week! Less hitting and running away!

This is one of the few insanely awesome things I witnessed in the last month!

One thought on “How an Orange Led to a Salvation Conversation

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