Want to Take a Chance? Click Here!

Welcome back, how many of you are excited to see how Monopoly can relate to the Bible! I know I am so excited to share, but to start off, how many of you like the game Monopoly? 
Well, I hate the game of Monopoly, but I am going to talk about it anyway! I only hate it because it’s such a long game, which I always tend to lose.
The point of Monopoly (for you lucky people who haven’t played) is to gain as much property and money as possible. And to try and make all the other players go bankrupt. But in Monopoly there is a spot called, “ CHANCE”
The risky players love this spot, but the players who like to play it safe are not a fan of the space. The card you pick up on this space can be either good or bad. No one really likes  taking a chance if they know it’s going to be BAD! 
Well, for every human we get to take a chance. The chance is to have JESUS in our life. When you take this chance it isn’t a bad chance, this a good chance. You take this chance when you finally make the decision and say, “YES TO JESUS” you are handed a “Get Out of Jail Card.”
Actually, just a few weeks ago I had to explain to a little girl. She told me that she hates making decisions, so she didn’t want to make the decision to follow Jesus. So I told her this analogy and you could just see it click. So awesome!! Thanks for reading, but I promise that the best chance to take in your lifetime!
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