Story Time With Raegan

Hey guys, welcome!  About a month ago I told you guys, I was going to share about and I quote, “one of my favorite-most incredible opportunities, which I was given at Jr. Camp. “

I’m so excited I finally get to share with everyone! 

While at camp, I was given a group of 22 kids. This helped me figure out I’m definitely never in a million years having 22 children of my own… But, I once again fell in love with doing mission work and encouraging kids. 

At camp, I was given the opportunity to pray with a girl for her to say yes to Jesus for the first time!! And pray with 3 of my girls in my group to resay yes to Jesus!

I know that’s all so incredible, but listen to this!!

I was given the opportunity to go up on stage in front of all the kids and share my story! There was over 200 kids! For those of you who don’t know here is a short glimpse of it 🙂

okay, I grew up with my dad being a pastor.  Which means I said yes to Jesus at a very young age.

 Also, I have had a speech problem most of my life. Having this problem controlled who I was. I didn’t talk a lot. When my dad closed our church,  we ended up at the one we are serving with now. While at youth group, they were talking about how we would be used for God in a special way. But, for me, I had no idea how He could use me if I hated talking, because of my speech. I went home a mess, but read something in my Bible which talked about how our weaknesses can be a strength. Ever since that day, I have improved in my speech by an insane amount.  It really changed a lot about me. If you want to read more on my story check out my post, “Chocolate Donuts and Lots of Tears.” 

But, being able to share this meant  I got to tell over 200 kids that story this week. The room as fill of silence.  You could hear a mouse walk. (Yes, I just made that up) 

When I shared how God uses me now, I saw numerous kids jaws drop – even heard a few say, ”wow”

In the humblest way, I had a lot of kids come up to me and tell me how it inspired them. One kid, told me how he isn’t going to stop speech class. Even though he told his mom on the way to camp he is never going again because he is bullied for it. I witnessed God moving in these kids lives!

This was one of my favorite moments in my whole entire life! I would do it again in a heartbeat!!

The reason why I share this, is because there is a reason for your story. And God will use everything and it will impact someone. I promise you that at least one person can relate to a part of your story! Its so fun to share and watch the impact of it. I promise it will touch someone in some way! 

Thanks for reading,


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