Worry Worry Worry! Part 3 the final part!

Hey Guys! Welcome back, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, I know for me weather has been fantastic around me! 🙂 If this is your first time viewing this blog,  Welcome! I am so grateful to have you viewing my blog, and taking time out of your day to read it!

We have been doing a three-week talk on Worrying,  straight out of the book of Matthew! This post is the last one for this blog group!

However, we are going to pick up right where we left off in Matthew!

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

The instructions in this are a tad on the confusing side, because they seem super clear. However, throughout this section in the Bible, we are constantly told  not to worry. Why?? Because worrying can be a waste if time, and I know it consumes tons of our time! Trust me, I have spent quite some time worrying this week. Every week, I know, we worry here and there, but if we look back, it will just seem like such a waste of time! Rather than worrying, we should try and focus on something WAY better! If we put most of our focus in seeking God’s righteousness and The Kingdom, we will spend less time focusing on the small things..

Guys, God has it in control, and He will make sure everything falls into place the way He knew.

That’s great news guys! But, this, by all means, doesn’t mean we can just throw our feet in the air and do whatever expecting it to be all right, claiming that God will take care of everything as long as you read your Bible and pray.

That sadly isn’t the case. God calls us to work hard and not be lazy in what we do.. Guys, there is a GIANT difference between working hard and worrying..

We all typically tend to worry about temporary things, and not what actually matters.

Guys, trust me, I do it too! I worry about the smallest, silliest things! What I look like, what my teeth look like.

I’m going go be honest, I have always worried about my teeth, I carried a tooth brush around with me for a whole week at camp! I typically always brush my teeth at a minimum of 5 times a day. THAT IS A WASTE OF MY TIME! It’s because I’m worried that much about my teeth!

But God isn’t calling me to seek temporary things, like my teeth. He is calling us to seek eternal things!

We should seek what really matters, and everything else will follow there soon after!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

This is honestly one of my favorite verses ever! Guys, no matter what tomorrow is going to occur, it doesn’t matter how or how hard you worry about it. It’s still going to happen. There is way too much to think about in the day you are currently living through, to worry about the next day! There isn’t enough time to worry about today and tomorrow! (You will have a challenge at the end of this post about this verse)

Honestly, we may have no clue what tomorrow might bring! However we do known that God will be there and that, because He cares for you, He will take care of you.

Now, I have challenge on avoiding worrying!

But, how do you avoid worrying?

Let’s look at Philippians 4:6

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

This is a great, easy verse to memorize! I’ll be honest, I have it memorized in song form! If I ever get the honor to meet any of you, feel free to ask me to sing Philippians 4:6 and I will!

But, seriously next time you begin to worry about something, I want to remember this verse.  That’s why I said it is a great one to memorize!

This verse gives you us clear instructions on how to deal with worry.

  1. No matter what is happening, do not be anxious.
  2. And with a thankful heart, pray and tell God what you need.

That is it so next time when you begin to worry, read that verse! I know guys, it seems really easy! But it kind of is! We have a God who is with us, and has our back.. a God who has our best interests and is ready to talk at any time!

Here are some great questions I got offline about this topic. Feel free to ask yourself and reflect! You also can share your answers with me at adaughterofgraceblog@gmail.com or leaving a comment! I would actually Love it if you guys told me! (You don’t have to tell us all but I would love to hear from you guys) Or even emailed me to tell me what is going on in your life or how we can pray for you! Our email is always open 🙂 with open hearts and minds! We love you all! Enjoy the questions! Some are tough!

1. What are some things you spend a lot of time worrying about?

2. Do you agree with the statement that worrying is acting like you don’t believe God’s promises?

3. How does it feel to know that God cares about you and is going to take care of you?

4. What are some ways you can seek the kingdom of Heaven first?

5. Why do you think we worry so much, even though we know God will take care of us?

6. Why do you think God tells us not to worry?

7. Does talking to God about the things your anxious about help you worry less?

8. Would it hurt your feelings if you told your best friend you were going to bring them lunch, but they spent the whole morning telling everyone they were worried that they weren’t going to have anything to eat that day? Do you think that’s how God feels when we worry about things He’s already said He’d take care of?

9. What can you do this week that will help remind you to not worry?

The temptation to worry isn’t going to just go away!It’s a giant we have to battle day in and day out! There are always going to be things in your life that you could worry about. You just have to choose to not worry about them.

The next time you start to worry, look at what Phillipians says. Then do what it  says, and talk to God about it.

If you still struggle with worry, sit down and open your Bible. Google “God’s Promises” – read those verses! Or email us! We are always here for you guys! We are a family! Even if this is your first time reading this! We love you!

Thanks for reading!


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