The Crucifixion

Welcome back guys, I hope you all are having. A fantastic week!

I know last week and the week before I said I was going to write about worrying well, hopefully unless I change my mind again that’s what it should be about.

However, I decided, since a few days ago was Easter, we are going to talk about the crucifixion from the book of Matthew. Remember the giant I faced, and how I read the chunk of the Bible in front of the church? We are going to talk about that part.

It was Matthew 27:31-55, however, rather than me pasting the whole giant passage we are going to take pieces and parts out here and there.

For those of you who are just joining us for the first time! Welcome, my name is Raegan and I run this blog along side my friend, Alyssa.

However, last week I talked about me conquering a giant. For me, speaking has always been a giant, and it has been something I have struggled with my whole life. But two weeks ago, I was asked to read the passage above in front of a whole church service.

When we look at the account of the crucifixion from Matthew 27, Verse 46, “About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” (which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”)”

For some, this might be very confusing, because it sounds like Jesus is calling out to God and giving up. Rather, it is something completely and totally different!!!

Let’s  flip our Bibles back to Psalms. Prepare to get your mind blown, honestly, mine was blown too!!

So back in the day, people had the book of Psalms memorized like we have songs memorized today, they didn’t say Psalm 22, or 56, or 67 or whatever number it was, typically they would just say the first line and everyone would know exactly what they were talking about.

So the part “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” brings us to Psalms 22.

The First line of Psalm 22 says, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” just like Matthew wrote about in the book of Matthew, but if we compare the two books they are so very alike its mind boggling!

Let’s start by looking at verses seven and eight, “All who see me mock me; they hurl insults, shaking their heads. “He trusts in the Lord,” they say, “let the Lord rescue him. Let him deliver him, since he delights in him.”

Guys that exactly what they talked about in Matthew! Matthew 27:39-43!

“Those who passed by hurled insults at him, shaking their heads and saying, “You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days, save yourself! Come down from the cross, if you are the Son of God!” In the same way the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the elders mocked him. “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! He’s the king of Israel! Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him. He trusts in God. Let God rescue him now if he wants him, for he said, ‘I am the Son of God.’”

That’s absolutely insane, and it happens at least three more times!

In Psalms 22: 15!

“My mouth is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth..”

In Matthew verse 48 it talks about how Jesus was thirsting!!

In Psalms verses 16-18, once again practically parallel to Matthew 27!

“Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet. All my bones are on display; people stare and gloat over me. They divide my clothes among them

and cast lots for my garment.”

This is exactly what happened while Jesus was on the cross guys, is was beyond humiliated, he had no clothes on, while on the cross. Because just as it says in both Matthew 27 and Psalms 22. Lots were cas on His clothes, or they gambled over Jesus’s clothing.

Guys this is absolutely mind blowing!!

Why?!?! Psalms was written around 1,000 years before Matthew!! The parallelism between the Psalms and Matthew is so important, since the writer wrote Psalms 22 1,000 years before the crucifixion was even a thing! The writer prophetically predicted what would occur at the crucifixion of Jesus.

This is the foundation of Christianity, the idea of the crucifixion and Jesus rising from the dead is so important to us Christians, and was predicted before it was even a thing! 1,000 YEARS AGO IT WAS WRITTEN !! That’s wild!

Last verse I’m going to use from Psalms 22, is Psalms 22:27-28,” All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.”

Guys, this gave me chills! Because when this was written they knew people were going to hear about Jesus sand the crucifixion on all ends of the Earth!! Alyssa and I are from Ohio, we have viewers on this blog from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

It couldn’t be more right!!

Guys, I hope that shed some light on the incredibleness of Jesus and the power the Bible has, and cleared somethings up if you read Matthew 27 because I know it confused me a little at first as well!

Have a great week!!

Feel free to contact us with questions!



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