I Didn’t Know I Was Married to Eight Kids!

Hey Hey Hey!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!

I bet you all were so anxious to hear about how a man “married” me to all eight of his sons and a nine-year-olds interesting conversation. But first, let me tell you guys a little something. I FOUND MY JOURNAL AGAIN… Guess where? A tissue box… but I am going to only use it as notes.

Also, I am going to do more of a devotional type of post. Like the last one “Like Drake Said, “God’s Plan” “ .I loved writing those, and got a lot of good feedback from them. So I am going to do more like that, but I am going to throw some Operation Barnabas stories in the posts as well. Love you all, hope that is good with everyone.

Continuing story from last week.

This was the last sentence from last weeks post, “We brought all of our stuff to where we were sleeping. GUESS WHERE WE WERE SLEEPING?!?!? THE ROOF!”

So once we’re on the roof my three group was told we were going to help in the kitchen, and serving dinner and dessert. There were a few waves of people who came in for dinner and dessert. The first wave of people were the men, who were a part of the leadership program. They were very kind and very polite. I got to hand out the trays for this group of people.

After they were done eating, we had to clean up the cafeteria. So as I was cleaning the table, I started talking to this man, and I asked him about his life and a little about himself. I got to share with him why I was there, and a little about myself.

In this conversation with him, I got my eyes opened, and I learned that not every person was there because of the choices they had made. This man was in this rescue center because he just lost his job two weeks ago, and he couldn’t pay off his house in time.

Also, this man was the man who married me to all eight of his kids! This man looked at me, (for some reason I remember his eye color because it was a very interesting shade of this color). But his were a very dark blue. He looked at me and I said: “I wish there were eight of you, but with eight different ages.” I asked him how come? He told me because he wished I was older, and there were eight of me so I could marry all eight of his sons.  Then it was time to go. I asked him if I could pray for him. However, what I also learned on this trip a lot of the people at this place weren’t selfish, and weren’t all about themselves. He asked me to pray for the others at this place, not himself. He put his arm around me and we prayed for the other people at this place, and his family, and obviously I threw in prayer about him. He was a great person, and I was so grateful I got to meet him, and pray with him; a great start to my experience here. But, he had to go so the next wave of people could enter the cafeteria.

The next wave of people were families. This time I didn’t hand out trays I got to hand out desserts. I loved seeing all the kiddos eyes light up when they saw the different types of dessert I was handing out.

Then the next wave was just women, then the regular men. Nothing really spectacular happened. So we cleaned up the cafeteria and headed to the roof.

Then we got to the roof! For the June Birthday party! It was crazy there were people everywhere and since we joined late, I had no idea where anyone was. I looked around and saw these two little eight-year-old boys. We had so much fun, as they chased me around with a giant blow up bat. I found one too, and chased him back! But like most little boys they just wanted to wrestle.

The kid body slammed me to the ground and him and his friend wacked me with the blow-up hammer. It was so funny, but then I decided to ask them about what they believed. They were so up for this conversation, we started talking about God and all was calm. Then after two minutes, they decided to wack me again and yell ¨ I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT¨ (from the movie¨ Madagascar.¨) and swear a little. This was kind of funny because compared to high school words I hear every day, their words were nothing. The boys mom grabbed him after she heard his language and apologized to me and took the kid to the dance floor. It was not a problem.

So we got to help tear down the party and I, of course, started to talk to this little kiddo, who was a daughter of the volunteers who threw the party. But she was so intrigued why I was in California since I am from Ohio. I got to tell her all about why I was there, and do the cross illustration with her!! Guess what, God saved her!! We prayed together to accept God into her life.



So after everything was torn down it was time for bed, we went to bed! I slept near Adele and Lida. We talked about our home life shared some embarrassing stories (That someone overheard.. AWKWARD for us..) Of course, we started laughing at one of my more embarrassing stories and we got yelled at for being too loud.

Once we woke up, we got to do a program for the families at this shelter. Once we entered the room, we got to talk to the people there. One kid I saw hiding behind a chair was crying his little eyes out. I decided to go talk to him. He was about three. I tried talking to this little dude, it took awhile. ( It takes a while for most kiddos to warm up to some girl, who is tallish with a giant crazy bun on her head.) But finally, I got him to come out. Eventually it was like the kid and I were connected by the hip, I couldn’t put him down.

When it was time to do our program, I held him on my hip. He wasn’t much of a talker, except for every time he saw a puppet, he screamed. I called him Buddy. We had to go our separate ways He was so upset, he followed me.

Ultimately, we got separated into groups, to go walk the streets. I was so excited to walk the streets and meet the people who lived on Skid Row and hear all about them.

We walked around, and we met a few people but there is one woman I will never ever forget. She told her to call her Mimi. She told us so many jokes.

Here is one…

What did Dela wear (Delaware)?

Her New Jersey!

Going to be honest, I laughed really really hard at that one. She complimented my smile and it made me so happy!

We got to pray for her, and like others we met, she asked us to pray for others because she was content about her situation!

Then we headed back into the rescue mission, grabbed our stuff, and hit the road to the next church!

Thanks for reading today! Hope you all have a great week! Next week is going to be on contentment! Like I said, in the beginning, I’m going to stay talking about the word of God with my experiences in it! So I hope you all have a great week and come back for next week to learn about contentment. I picked that one because of Mimi!

Love you guys,

Raegan 🙂

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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this web site wants far more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read way more, thanks for that info.


  2. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!


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