First Two Days of a Great Trip

Welcome back!! Today it’s Raegan, Lyss was busy this week so she was unable to complete her post. So I am posting this Monday, and she will post Thursday! But hopefully next week we will back to Alyssa on Mondays and Raegan on Thursday!! But hopefully, you guys are back to hear all about my week one of my trip! Looking at the length of how this is going I am probably only going to a couple of days per post. So you don’t fall asleep reading it! I’m going to give you the rundown of my day and how I am able to remember every day. (I had a journal.)

Started off yesterday with two chocolate donuts with sprinkle! (In case you haven’t picked up on it, those are my all time favorite.) Then on the way home I ate two more, so I was on a SUGAR RUSH!!! Well, yesterday I went looking for my journal from this trip. (I was looking for my first one and remembered that my body wash spilled all over it.) So I had to remember what the other one looked like, that took some time, but it was okay because eventually, I remembered it was some weird Hawaiian print one. Well right, when I got home I went looking for it!! I was running around frantically because I had twenty minutes before I had to leave again. Let me just tell I was in frantic mode (Let’s also just say the waterworks began.) I tore apart my whole room and couldn’t find it in time! Well, once I got home for the second time, I went looking. I found the journal behind my dresser, so I made my brother go get it since he has tiny arms. He grabbed it and asked me and I quote “Why do you need this book there is NOTHING in it.” So I started to cry. Shocking right? Ya, not one bit. Long story short I found the pages under my dresser. Now I will talk about the trip, one day at a time. I will take each journal entry I have left and type it word for word into each day, but then I will elaborate right after, and explain more details.
We will start with June 23.
“Oh boy, was that a long plane ride, I don’t think I have ever cried so much. Pretty much everyone here has missionaries as parents, except for me. That doesn’t make me any more nervous. When we arrived at the church, they (as in the people at the church). Prepared bags for everyone on this trip. My bag made me laugh, the reason for it was because the gave me tissues. I haven’t even met these people, and they already know I am a crier. We went to Saddleback Church. We all shared our testimonies on the bus there and back. However while at the church I got talking to this older man, who wanted to take me to the beach, he was very persistent. But I kindly told him no and that I was sorry I had to get back to the bus. Also, I learned who I can help with my extra funds I was given before the trip, guess what happened?! The waterworks began!”
There is journal day 1… Now I will explain in more detail because we only had a little time to write each day.
Let’s also add I was super sick!! I had a cold, and my voice was practically gone. So on the plane, I sat next to this guy, and I explained to him what I was doing on and why I was heading to California from Cleveland. He probably thought I was insane because I cried for almost the entire flight. However, we arrived in California. I was blown away, for some reason I really really like palm trees. THERE WERE PALM TREES EVERYWHERE!! We got picked up in the OB bus, and I was beyond scared. I wouldn’t make any eye contact, the only thing I said was “The mirror is just hanging there.” (I said this because the mirror to the bus was dangling, so the had to duct tape it back on!!) Well, we arrived at Norwalk Grace Brethren Church. We found where we were sleeping, Luckily I was in a corner so that was good. So we went into the main part of the church, and we had to find our bags. I loved my bag!! It had Tissues!! Then we went to Saddleback Church! It was HUGE!! It is Rick Warren’s church. On the way to Saddleback, I was in a small, little white van with about eight other students and on the way there we shared testimonies and ate pizza and chips! It was super fun and helped me warm up a lot! Once we got back, we got some cookies and went to bed! 🙂
June 24th (it was a supershort page.)
“I have never woke up so close to anyone in my life! Woke up practically holding someone’s foot! But we got a great breakfast! Got to go to a church. Then we went to In and Out it was my first time. I am not a burger eater, but it wasn’t that bad. Today was a long day, though! Oh my golly!”

So ½ of the girls were in one room, and I sleep like a star! Let me tell you, I might look small but when sleeping I take up the most room possible! For breakfast, I may or may not have eaten two bagels a bowl of cereal and some grapes. But then we got to go to this cute little church that I can’t recall the name of. But after I got my first In and out burger, and I sat in the window with a few girls and we just talked it was nice and helped me realize I was supposed to be here. The one and only Ed Lewis came this day!! He taught us about evangelism. Evangelism is just the idea of proclaiming the gospel! It was the first of four great teachings about evangelism. He taught us about one of my favorite things ever, the idea of how we put God first. He explained to us that we can’t serve God and yourself at the same time. This is something my boyfriend and me (Seth Wirt). Go by. In order of whom we should serve, obviously, God is 1 then everyone else is 2 and I am number 3. I love this because Seth and I have a relationship built off of this. In our relationship, God is obviously first and then second is friends and family and then each other is last. Which is so humbling because in our relationship we have it built on such a great foundation. Ed also taught us about The great commandment! Great Verse!! You should check it out it is Matthew 22:37-39!! So overall a great first two days!!

Come back next week to hear about the next couple days on OB! I promise it gets better each day!!

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  1. I love hearing your recap of the trip, makes me miss being there right now especially with this extremely cold weather. Looking forward to what comes next!

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