One Plane Ride and More Tears!

Happy Thursday!! It’s Raegan today, and I wanted to share my whole pre-Operation Barnabas extravaganza!

The place where I and lyss met. Operation Barnabas. Operation Barnabas (Or as me and lyss will say lot OB) is a three-week long missions trip, and lucky enough we got to go to CALIFORNIA! I finally talked my parents into letting me apply. And when you apply you have to fill out this application for itit was kinda long. But so worth it.

It was actually around this time when I got accepted because a year ago today I was in Disney. But I was sitting on the magically Disney bus heading to one of the Disney parks and I saw an OB email, and I was so nervous. I opened it and cried I got accepted!! I was so happy!! I was actually about to be away from home for three weeks in the summer in a warm place that I have never been! That seemed insane never did I think I would ever go on a missions trip so far away for so long.

So I got home and looked up the price for this trip. I was terrified it was I believe $3,000 counting airfare. And I don’t work during the school year, so I was super bummed and didn’t think I was going to be able to go. Talked to my parents about and they said I would have to fundraise for this trip. That sounded like no fun! I hated asking anyone but my parents for money, and this time I had to talk at life groups (which is what my church calls a small group for adults during the week) I started off by speaking at my grandmas‘ life group on some MondayI was so scared. But I brought my little letter asking for support both financially and spiritually. And I went up there and told them everything I knew about OB. This was scary but I got up there and talked away, looking back it wasn’t too bad. (I’m also quite a talker.) Apparently, my grandma called my mom after and supposedly everyone said they couldn’t wait for me to go. I was pumped the funds for this trip were coming in like there was no tomorrow.

But then it hit a wall, I stopped getting moneyI was about a few hundred dollars short. The money was due in a few weeks; I was so scared. I prayed and prayed for money to come in. I emailed OB asking for help and if they could extend my date. Luckily they extended my date it helped me figure out I was just going to ask another Lifegroup.

So I picked my moms, and they have a cat (I’m super duper allergic.) so I showed up for the last ten minutes to talk. I got there and within minutes I looked like I picked up the cat and rubbed it all over my face. My eyes were red and itchy my nose was dripping let me tell ya I was a mess. But I went through my little letter asking for support and afterward got some pretty good question. (Apparently, someone, there was an OB alumnus.)So I had to go home quickly after that had taken some meds, prayed and went to bed. A few days laterI checked my balance (just to be let down because I knew how short I was a few days ago). I looked, and I got so many donations that I went over the amount needed! It was insane how God worked! I screamed and told my mom. (I am quite the crier I cry WAY too much for a normal human, I make up for those people who just don’t cry because they can’t.) So since I went over the amount needed I was able to give it to another student for this trip. And later on the tripI learn who it was and how they needed the exact amount I gave!

Since it is in California, we had to get a plane ticket to California. So guess who I texted, the boy I knew from the camp that helped me want to go lot more. I texted him, and I was like  “what‘s your flights’ information?”He had zero clue. I really didn’t want to fly alone on a plane, so I texted Alyssa, not knowing who she was and she said she was flying red-eye. That was a no for me, but I was going try to get to know her over text. So we texted a bit. This whole time I thought she was a blonde until I stalked her Instagram. And learned she is a redhead.

So I planned my trip with someone else going on the trip, luckily we lined up our flightsso I didn’t fly alone.

The trip was coming quicker than I could ever imagine. So I decided the day before I was going to leave I was going to pack. I cried and cried I didn’t want to go. I didn’t think this trip was for me. I tried talking my mom out of the trip I was terrified. She gave me some space to calm down and guess what I tried to do. I was a disaster this girl didn’t want to go because she feared no one was going to talk to her.

Oh boy, can‘t believe I am saying this but I tried to cancel my ticket I tried for a while. Then I gave up and went to sleep. I had to get up bright and early the next day for my flight. I got up and cried and cried. I don’t think I stopped crying until two weeks after OB. (But I cried for other reasons on the trip don’t worry.) But once I landed I cried. I cried eight times on the flight.

To be continued next where were I will talk about my OB experience. Please come back next week to learn about the best three weeks of summer!!!

2 thoughts on “One Plane Ride and More Tears!

  1. This is the right website for anyone who wants to find out about this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).

    You certainly put a new spin on a subject that’s been written about
    for a long time. Wonderful stuff, just great!


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