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My Testimony

 I was raised in a Christian family. My dad was a pastor of his own church for quite some years. Which means if I went to church with him early to help set up, I would get a free chocolate donut with sprinkles!  When I was around four accepted Jesus into my life but IContinue reading “My Testimony”

God Given Gifts

Hey guys, happy Thursday I hope everyone is doing well! This week has been crazy fast, today we are going to be talking God given gifts. I’m going to be talking about mine, and how I feel like God has used them. I took a test on what my spiritual gifts were and reflected onContinue reading “God Given Gifts”

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Hello There! I’m so glad you joined me! I’m Raegan, I live and pray to live a life evident of Jesus Christ. I pray that you feel comfortable here, that your heart would be open to this messages and that you are overwhelmed with the purpose and love that Jesus has for you! Also, feel free to search any word in the search bar to see if there is a post on what you want to hear about. If there isn’t a post feel free to leave me an email to give me ideas!

Blessings, Raegan

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be joining “A Daughter of Grace.” My name is Brylee and I met Raegan on Operation Barnabas, a three-week missions trip in Los Angeles. I’m currently a student at Ball State University in Indiana studying Math Education. I have been walking with Jesus all of my life but have now found myself wanting to share my experiences and joys with others. As followers of Jesus, we need to stand united in our faith and fellowship with others as we rejoice the many blessings we have received. 

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee